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Profile knives / cutter heads

In our catalogue you will find information about:

  • Universal cutterheads
  • Safety-profile cutterhead
  • Profile cutterhead
  • Safety-profile cutterhead with spurs
  • Profile cutterhead with spurs
  • Profile cutterhead with spurs and recess
  • Universal profile cutterhead set complete
  • Blank knives
  • Limiters
  • TC-interchangeable-multi profile safety cutterhead
  • Profile cutterhead for serrated HS knives
  • HS blanks with serrated back

Download now and learn all about our product portfolio:

K9 FLURY D Universalfraeskoepfe Profilmesser40x4mm.pdf

K10 FLURY D Universalfraeskoepfe Profilmesser50x4mm.pdf

K11 FLURY D Universalfraeskoepfe Profilmesser60x5_5mm.pdf

K12 FLURY D Universalfraeskoepfe Profilmesser90x5_5mm.pdf

K13 FLURY D Profilmesserkoepfe rueckenverzahnt HS Messer.pdf